Jonny Justice – a Former Vick Dog with a New Leash on Life

Jonny Justice

This former Vick dog is amazing…the video doesn’t mention it, but he was a member of the team at Paws for Tales, a group of dogs who help children learn to read by providing a “safe” and non-judgmental audience for those who are shy or have difficulty trying to learn in front of people.  His owner withdrew him from the program after another pittie in the program was unfairly – and illegally – discriminated against by a librarian in Pennsylvania.

Click the link below to see Jonny Justice strut his stuff!


Harold Lloyd With His Lloyal Pooch!

Harold Lloyd

Don’t know who Harold Lloyd is?  Find out here:

Lovers Not Fighters

Breeding a dog to be a fighter is different than breeding it for other traits.  There’s nothing about herding or retrieving or pulling a sled that goes against a dog’s internal drives.  But creating a dog that wants to attack other dogs is at odds with a dog’s entire developmental background in which it has been instilled with the instinct to work together with other dogs in a pack in order to survive.

– From “The Lost Dogs” by Jim Gorant

Dont Fight