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The 49ers may have lost the big game, but this team member is a winner in our book!


Patrick Willis and Zeus


More Interesting Pit Bull Facts

Did you know:

Between 1966 and 1975 there was ONE newspaper account of a fatality that resulted from a pit bull attack.  In 1986, pit bulls appeared in 350 newspaper, magazine and journal articles.  Some of those reported legitimate pit bull attacks – the price of so many unsocialized [neglected, ignored, excluded from positive physical interaction and contact], abused [beaten, starved, and worse] and aggressively trained [kill or be killed] dogs popping up around the country – but many were the result of pit bull hysteria, in which almost any incident involving a dog was FALSELY REPORTED AS A PIT BULL ATTACK.  The breed, which had existed in some form for hundreds of years, didn’t suddenly lose control.  The dogs simply fell into the hands of many people who had no interest in control.

By 2000, pit bull fear and hype had reached such proportions that the breed was banned in more than two hundred cities and counties around the United States.  Lost in all the legislation was the fact that for decades THE PIT BULL HAD BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST LOYAL, LOVING, and PEOPLE-FRIENDLY DOGS ON THE PLANET

From “The Lost Dogs” by Jim Gorant

Interesting Pit Bull Facts

Did you know:

The media focuses more on pit bull bites than any other breeds. According to a four-day study of dog-bite reportage, the National Canine Research Council found an ANTI-PIT BULL MEDIA BIAS. Three separate FATAL attacks by non-pit bull breeds were covered only ONCE or TWICE in local papers. Comparatively, ONE NON-FATAL pit bull attack was mentioned OVER 230 TIMES in the national and international media including CNN, MSNBC and FOX. (And you wonder why people are so misinformed!!!)

“Pit bull” is not a breed. It’s a label used for several breeds including the American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog.

Breed-specific legislations and policies focus on a dog’s APPEARANCE, rather than the actual breed. People tend to misidentify a dog’s breed 75% of the time.

Pit bulls do not possess locking jaws. According to Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia, there is no difference between pit bulls’ jaws and those of other breeds.

A study done by Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic discovered that the bite pressure (PSI) of a pit bull is actually LESS than that of a German Shepherd or Rottweiler.

Pit bulls, as do most terriers, bite and hold, whereas other breeds bite and release repeatedly. Dog fighters use bite sticks to disengage pit bulls quickly and efficiently. These sticks have little effect when used with other breeds that tend to snap erratically.

Pit bulls have a score of 86% for the American Temperament Testing Society passing rate. HIGHER than miniature poodles (77.9%), collies (79.7%), or beagles (80.3%).

Pit bulls are the most abused, MISUNDERSTOOD dog breed, comprising an estimated 70% of dogs housed and euthanized in urban animal shelters.

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Sergeant Stubby

Did you know that the most decorated four-legged soldier … was a pit bull? In 1917, Stubby – the stray pit bull – wandered into the Massachusetts encampment of the 102nd Infantry. He was smuggled overseas by his adoptive infantrymen, and quickly became a hero, alerting troops prior to attacks, sniffing out bombs, and even cornering an enemy allowing his capture.  Stubby survived many combat heroics – 17 combat missions, some leaving him with various injuries – eventually being brought back with his troops to the U.S.  A special vest was made for him, adorned with over a dozen medals – including the Purple Heart.  He was made a lifetime member of the American Legion, The Red Cross, and also the YMCA; he participated in every American Legion parade, and became our nation’s celebrity – honored by three different presidents.  He passed away in 1926, and is forever honored in The Smithsonian in our nation’s capital.

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